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Who Can Be a Donor?Who Can Be a Donor?

Almost everyone can donate. Donors may range in age from full-term newborns through adults. Living a healthy lifestyle helps ensure that a person can be a suitable donor. Nevertheless, many of today's donors have pre-existing medical conditions that do not rule them out as a potential donor.

Regardless of your age or health, if you want to become an organ and/or tissue donor, you should register online at or at any South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles office when obtaining, renewing or changing your driverís license/ID.

Religious Beliefs

All major religions support the individual’s right to help others by being an organ and/or tissue donor. Donation is generally viewed as a final act of love and generosity toward other human beings. If you have any concerns about your religion’s support of donation, please talk with your clergy or your spiritual advisor.





Click Here to Become a Donor
Become a Donor
Reagan, heart recipient
heart recipient
Lexington, S.C.

Reagan was born in 2005 with a rare congenital heart defect and needed several critical surgeries. Two days before her first Christmas, Reagan's heart could no longer sustain itself. Reagan was placed on a heart machine and her only remaining chance to survive was a heart transplant.

Finally, Friday the 13th of January, became Reagan's lucky day. Through the generosity of a donor family, Reagan got the new heart she needed. Now this beautiful young girl is growing up and loves playing with her older brother.

Reagan's mom Kelly says, "I am so grateful daily that the donor's family was so courageous. They gave life to us all!"
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